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Call today for your 15 minute complimentary inquiry call. If coaching is a fit we will move forward with a 75 minute inquiry appt with one or both parents to gather information about the teen and set goals for the immediate future.

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Michelle is a San Diego based Teen Wisdom Life Coach.

She has  over 25 years experience mentoring young women in their personal development .

Michelle's mission is  to equip and empower teen girls to realize their potential for greatness, seek and find their God-given gifts and abilities and realize that true freedom lies in  knowing and honoring yourself. 

She has raised three teenagers on her own. Michelle first experienced the benefits of Teen Coaching when her daughter was in high school. Coaching helped her daughter problem solve and gave her a safe place to explore her emotions. Learning new skills and behaviors helped build a bridge for healthy parent/teen dialogue. Having come full circle, Michelle is dedicated to about empowering teens on their journey of self discovery.


Life Coach


  • Focuses on actions and the future

  • Client is in charge and determines the agenda (there is no diagnosing)

  • Works on behaviors and skills

  • Develops Strengths!

  • Coaches typically ask:

    • "Who are you ?"

    • "Where do you want to go ?"  

    • "What do you want your future to look like ?"



  • ​Focuses on feelings and past events

  • Therapist is on charge,diagnoses, and sets


  • Works to uncover core beliefs

  • “Fixes what’s broken”

  • Therapist deal primarily with answering the question “Why do I…?"


Meet Michelle



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Adapted from Hayden and Whitworth™ 

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